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Sleeping Beauty Waltz

Feb 28, 2021

Get ready to dance! Here we tell a portion of the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty, including the iconic “Villagers Waltz” from Tchaikovsky’s ballet. We set the scene at Princess Aurora’s birthday party and added some lyrics that encourage you and your kiddo to dance and spin together, and use your imagination to jump, fly, and cast spells with the fairies from the story. You may want to grab (or create) a magic “wind wand” or “ribbon wand” (more info on wind wands here).

In case you’re wondering what happens before and after this, we tell the complete Sleeping Beauty story with fun musical activities (and printables) in our March monthly online music course for subscribers. Details at

This month’s online course also includes The Little Red Hen, The Three Bears and more, incorporating music from Ravel’s stunningly gorgeous “Mother Goose Suite.” Come enjoy some musical play with us! The first 30 days of your subscription are just $7! (Cancel anytime)


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