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All About Wind Wands!

Oct 31, 2020

What is a “wind wand”? This is a prop that we love to use as we listen to music, especially classical music. It’s included in our instrument set even though it’s not technically a sound-producing instrument. It usually consists of a long ribbon or fabric connected to some type of “handle” -- often a small dowel or ring shape.

Reasons we love wind wands

  • Easy to make using household items with little to no hardware (see video for examples)
  • Easy for small hands to hold
  • Encourages imagination - 
  • Bright colored ribbons are visually appealing
  • Encourages movement -- wind wands look best when in motion!
  • Encourages cross body motion, an important developmental skill

Ways to use wind wands with music

  • Use it to draw shapes, letters or numbers in the air
  • Pretend it’s a paintbrush and “paint the music” that you’re hearing
  • Respond to the tempo of the music by waving your wand slow, medium or fast
  • Respond to the pitch of the music by waving your wand from low to high or high to low
  • Have fun watching how your wind wand responds to your various dance moves!
  • What setting does the music remind you of? Can you create it with your wind wand? (rivers, hopping bunnies, fast trains, etc.)

In this video, Elizabeth and Charlotte introduce you to the wind wand that we include in our instrument set (colorful ribbons attached to a wooden dowel using an eye hook), as well as some other types of wind wands made from household items. They also share our Clap for Classics! original song “My Imagination” which is simple, catchy, and inspires imaginative exploration using your wind wand! Enjoy!


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