Experience the joy of music with your child through our interactive virtual membership

Sing, dance, play games and develop a family culture of shared memories while learning music terminology and classical music appreciation.

You want music in your home, but don't quite know where to begin

You want your little ones to get quality mommy time and fun learning all rolled into one, but you don't have hours to spend scouring pinterest or planning another lesson.

You're always strapped for time

You need a program that works with your busy schedule that you can squeeze in before the baby wakes up, or while homeschooling your older kids.

You know that music in the early years can be a jumping off point to tons of other learning.

We'll work on language skills, attention span, listening skills, impulse control, turn-taking, developing imagination and more!

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"There's something liberating about not being on the spot to create the fun for her--we can both just receive yours!"

The magic of this class is just how much it is something Greta and I are doing together. We get to chase each other and act out being giants and we also get to open a door on some music that I already really love. I feel like when we're having a rough day, we can sing a few songs together along with the videos and it resets the mindset for the day.  There's something liberating about not being on the spot to create the fun for her--we can both just receive yours!

 I am extremely tired of planning. This is the only thing I can attend without a list. I just get to bask in someone else's planning, and everything you've planned communicates love for the music and for the littleness of kids. And that is just magnificent.


What parents are saying:
  • "My kids are able to keep time, not only with the music in the course, but also with any song they hear. They are able to understand and use the musical language introduced in the course, and they have an increased appreciation for music overall. Plus, their attention span has increased!"
  • "Developmental skills and overall musical knowledge. I would have never thought my 5 year old would be able to reference Vivaldi by name."
  • "Steady beat, hearing movement/actions in classical music, musical terminology, recognizing instruments, enjoying classical music, info about the solar system, appreciation for different languages/cultures/countries"

  • "Joy. Enthusiasm and interest in music. Increased understanding of instruments and musical terminology."

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"We are big fans of Clap for Classics! The variety in musical and learning activities is really amazing to me. There is always something new and fun each course. You’ll find within the musical content opportunities for learning in art history, STEM, math, social and emotional skills, literature and more. I have found myself learning right alongside my kids. They truly understand how to engage young kids in rich music and fantastic learning activities"

Membership details

Clap for Classics! All Access Membership

  • Over 250 engaging and educational music lesson videos¬†
  • Comprehensive music courses¬†organized by theme, for example: "Carnival of the Animals", "Peter and the Wolf," "Rhymes and Games," etc.
  • Access to a private podcast with all of the courses available to listen away from the screen.
  • Printable resources,¬†including lesson plan ideas, parent programs, instrument and animal puppet printables, coloring pages, and more!
  • Extensive "Notes to the Grown-ups" for each lesson, so that you can see exactly what your child is learning,¬†with¬†ideas on how to adapt and extend the lessons.
  • Downloadable audio tracks¬†of the classical music as well as the activities, so that you can listen off screen.
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19 original music courses

Printable resources and parent helps

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure if the membership is the

right fit for you?

Did you know we also have a "Four Seasons: Music and More" preschool curriculum?


  • More economical than the All Access membership, it includes 4 extensive units: Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. 
  • Each unit includes not just music but also STEM, Art, and Poetry lessons taught by expert educators. 
  • Once you purchase, you have access to it forever (unlike the All Access membership), so feel free to use it year after year.
  •  Downloadable audio tracks are included
  • A curriculum companion guide (ebook) is included with notes for parents on all the activities, book lists, lesson plan suggestions, and more! 
Click here for more details about the "Four Seasons: Music and More" preschool curriculum.