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You want to introduce your child to the arts and science, but you just don’t know where to begin.

It's time to stop scouring Pinterest for the perfect preschool printables or activities for your little one. 

We take the guesswork out of early childhood education with our play-based, nature-infused, hands-on, engaging program. 

The "Four Seasons: Music and More" curriculum is an online program that encourages learning through play. 

Music, art, poetry and STEM are combined into a robust curriculum that you will enjoy experiencing alongside your little one.  

"As an early childhood educator I know how beneficial early education is for children, but as a mom of my own two boys, I just didn't have the time or energy to get it going on my own. Clap for Classics gives me the in-home curriculum I've been looking for. It gives me meaningful activities I can do right at home with little to no prep work. I love that it's organized so we can go at our own pace and revisit favorites as often as we like."


"Okay! I needed this course in my life like, yesterday! I have a hard time coming up with ideas and my kids lose interest easily, but I WANT to do more music with my younger kids. I'm not giving up on the type of mom I want to be, and tools like this help me so I don't have to figure it out on my own! Thank you!"


"β€œWe LOVE Clap for Classics. There is so much material each month, and the songs and activities are well-thought-out, educational, and fun. Our kids sing these songs all day every day and love having fun hand signs and activities to do with them. It’s so fun to hear our little kids talk about Beethoven and Tchaikovsky and sing their songs! Clap for Classics has our highest recommendation!” "


What exactly is included in this curriculum?

  • Each season for one year you will receive the following:
    • Music course that consists of 10-15 short, easy to follow instructional videos that include a mix of songs and classical music activities.  
    • STEM unit where students learn about science, technology, engineering and mathematics in a fun and intuitive way. Materials are easy to access and activities are engaging and fun. You will love watching your children think and learn with Dr Rojas' inquiry-based approach to education.
    • Art unit that explores several works of art from a new artist each season.  Krisanne helps kids explore the art through different modalities.  It's not just painting or drawing, but they'll look closely, think deeply, learn interesting techniques as well as be exposed to wonderful works of art.
    • Poetry unit that explores poems about the season through engaging with body, mind, and imagination. Ms. Leslie gently guides us on an adventure so that children experience the poetry with their whole bodies. 
  • 6 lesson plans per season that strategically walk you through the content to make planning even simpler for caregivers.
  • A curriculum companion guide (PDF) full of all the materials and written instructions in one convenient place making it simple for caregivers to easily execute the activities and lessons.

Meet the Instructors

Kathryn and Elizabeth

Kathryn Lieppman and Elizabeth Nixon are classical musician-moms, music teachers, and sisters.


Leslie is a published author and poet and a trained Waldorf teacher. She brings poetry to life for young learners.


Krisanne Knudsen is an art historian and museum educator. She shares the beauty of classic art through a multi-sensory approach.


Dr. Eugenia Rojas is a neuroscientist PhD. She designs, develops and instructs STEM enrichment programs for children.

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Music, Poetry, Art, and STEM curriculum for children 8 and under.

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Music, Poetry, Art, and STEM curriculum for children ages 8 and under.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Each season for one year you will receive music, poetry, art and STEM units.  The activities are hands-on, engaging, and fun.  
  • We provide printable documents and resources, including lesson plans to aid parents in easily executing the curriculum.
  • Will not lose access to the course materials.  Feel free to use them for years to come!

This course is planned to be enjoyed throughout one whole year.  We provide 6 lesson plans to accompany each season.  Lesson plans can be stretched over multiple weeks, or repeated as needed.  There are many options for how you can enjoy the course.  Let your child's attention span lead the way.  Replay favorite videos and come back as often as you'd like!

This course is perfect for you whether you know nothing about music, or are a seasoned musician yourself.  The activities and songs taught are simple and easy to learn and implement. The curriculum has been thoughtfully planned with musical and developmental goals in mind.

Classical music has many benefits for kids.  It boosts concentration and self discipline.   It helps develop social skills and listening skills.  Exposing children to classical music also will increase their likelihood of enjoying a wider variety of music later in life.

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