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3 Valentine's Songs and some Romantic Classical Music

Feb 13, 2020

We’ve got a few fun Valentine-themed songs to share with you today!


Classic children’s song, with great actions. In addition to being a sweet song that says “I love you”, you can teach your child about the placement of the sun in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

The More We Get Together

A celebration of friendship, this simple song is easy for little ones to sing. We’ve added some instruments, and some variations that use your kids’ creativity.

If You Love Me and You Know It

A cute spin-off on “If you’re happy and you know it”, this song encourages some affectionate moments between you and your sweet little one!

Watch the video to see Elizabeth and Charlotte demonstrating all of these songs.

Valentine’s Waltz

We love dancing to all kinds of music, in all kinds of ways. But today we’re going to talk about a romantic favorite: the waltz. 

You can waltz to any music that has moderately fast 3-beat groups. The formal waltz involves a foot pattern of “step step close” and involves the couple spinning continually around the ballroom. Waltzing in your living room with a 2 year old will, of course, look very different! Here are a few tips when waltzing with your child:

  • Emphasize the strong beats, or “downbeats” with a physical movement. (a strong step, a swish of the arms, etc)
  • Pick your child up while you waltz, if you want them to feel a bit of the freedom of dancing and spinning, without worrying about what their feet are doing. 
  • It’s also good for them to move on their own! You can hold their hands to guide their movements, or allow them to dance independently with you waltzing nearby. You really can’t go wrong!
  • For slightly older kiddos, teach them about proper physical setup when dancing with a partner. (See more about this in the video) 
  • Enjoy the music, and flow along with it -- if the music slows down or pauses, let your body do the same. This is an early way to teach musicality.
  • Don’t worry about what you look like! Just have fun, and your child will too

There are many great classical pieces to waltz to -- we included 2 at the top of this “Valentine’s Classics” Spotify playlist for you. Beyond these two waltzes, the playlist is filled with gorgeous classical pieces that are generally romantic and lovely! From Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty Waltz to Mendelssohn’s Wedding March to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, you’ll find a great variety of pieces to enjoy with your child. (and it’s ok if it doubles as your romantic soundtrack on your Valentine’s date, too! You’re welcome!! 😉😍)

If you liked the instruction in this video and would like more Clap for Classics! in your life and in your home, please check out our "Flight" themed at-home music course.  We think you'll love it!


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