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35. The Nutcracker Part 1

Season #3

For the next 2 weeks we are sharing a sneak peek into our popular Nutcracker course for kids ages 2-8.  You are in for a treat, this music and story and interactive way that we share it with young kids is so much fun!

Inside the course is an immersive experience with Tchaikovsky’s iconic ballet. You and your kids will be experiencing the story and music of the Nutcracker through songs, games, active listening, instrument playing, and using your imagination right alongside Ms. Elizabeth and her daughter Charlotte.

To join the membership and start making music with us today, go to Use the code “LION” for 50% off your first month!

Alternatively, you can purchase just the Nutcracker course on it’s own at

Grab a free printable of hand-drawn images of the characters from the Nutcracker. We like to make simple popsicle stick puppets out of ours to play with while we listen to the music. Kids can also use them to retell and act out the story on their own!

For more ideas on how to supplement your Nutcracker study at home with young kids check out this article:

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