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Treble and Bass Mini Music Class

May 07, 2020

Today’s mini class introduces the treble clef and the bass clef to young music-makers. These are some of the most recognizable musical symbols, seen ubiquitously in logos and tattoos and, of course, music notation!! For our young audience, we teach the treble and bass clef in a very simple presentation: the treble clef representing high pitched sounds, and the bass clef representing low pitched sounds.

Enjoy as Elizabeth gets kids engaged with their voices and their bodies (Stand up for treble, sit down for bass), introduces some instruments that play high (flute, violin) and low (cello, bass), tells a musical story with “High-Low”  the Kangaroo and a piece of classical music (Carnival of the Animals), and categorizes some more animal friends into treble and bass sounding voices. The class ends with one of our favorite classic children’s songs “Little Bird”.

Here is a treble and bass clef printable for you, if you want to make your own “puppets”.



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