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The Four Seasons: Autumn

Aug 16, 2022
Autumn: The Four Seasons: Music and More Curriculum

Autumn is approaching, and you may be planning out the school year’s schedule. It can be so tempting to sign your kiddo up for all the fun classes and activities, to buy all the courses and curriculums so that they learn everything they possibly can! But when it comes down to it, schedules get tight, time needs to be balanced between siblings, money quickly flies out the window, and of course you are trying to balance your own needs and obligations too!

The Clap for Classics! Four Seasons Curriculum is a wonderful solution for parents who are looking for an affordable, well-rounded at home educational program for kiddos ages 2-8.

With Clap for Classics, you are essentially bringing top notch educators into your home to lead you and your kiddo(s) through a variety of playful learning activities (Music, STEM, Poetry and Art) in a format that requires very little preparation on your part. You get to facilitate quality learning experiences for your family, but you don’t have to do tons of research and prep work to make it happen. Total win!

 Quick background in case this is your first time here: most of Clap for Classics’ content is musical -- you may have seen Miss Elizabeth with Bear-lioz the bear, Forte the Lion, and other helpers bringing great classical music, folk songs and nursery rhymes to life in ever so fun ways (the library now includes 18 different themed music courses!). But for “The Four Seasons: Music and More” curriculum, our team expands to include the brilliant art educator Krisanne, published poet and Waldorf-trained educator Leslie, and STEM educator Dr. Rojas of Boston STEM Lab.

So, let’s dive into the “Autumn All Around” portion of The Four Seasons Curriculum. What will your child be doing and learning this season? Here are some highlights:


  • Classical music by Vivaldi, Bach, and Grieg saturates your home and provides an outlet for playfulness and imagination. Don’t miss the popular “Mountain King Game” that is inspired by Grieg’s “In the Hall of the Mountain King” -- your family will be playing it over and over and over again (sorry, not sorry!).
  • Lovely folk songs about apple trees, squirrels, pumpkins -- with easy actions that get your kiddo moving around
  • An original song “How Many Acorns?” that teaches math concepts in a playful way.


  • An exploration of Land Artist Andy Goldsworthy.
  • A Stone Mandala project - with references to mindfulness
  • An Elm Branch project - heaven for a crafter!
  • A Land Art project which includes observing how your outdoor art piece changes over time.


  • Some great ready-to-go activities using stuff you have on hand: Leaf Prints, Natural Water Colors (using kitchen spices), and Floating Gardens.
  • Design your own Fairy Worlds -- an engineering challenge that involves the imagination!
  • Dramatic water transport experiment -- using celery or Chinese cabbage


  • Experience the way language can ignite your imagination, and enjoy poetry about pumpkins, autumn woods, and harvest. Miss Leslie’s poem choices are impeccable, and her young helper is so lovable!

All of the educators speak directly to your child in a way that they can understand. Caregivers are also provided with ample instructions when needed, to help create the best learning environment possible. 

You will love learning alongside your little one!

 Clap for Classics also gives you an amazing “Curriculum Guide” that you can download or print -- this gorgeous resource gives you everything you need to be organized and make the most of the summer course. Printables, song lyrics, lesson plans, and more.

The beautiful thing about this is you can do it on your own schedule at whatever pace you want. You might get through all the activities in a few weeks -- or you can easily stretch it out over the whole autumn season, repeating favorites, fitting in a few activities comfortably each week.

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