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Week of the Young Child Mini-Class

Apr 17, 2020

It’s the National “Week of the Young Child” and we put together a mini class this week to honor young children from babies to preschoolers! 7 year old Caleb is Elizabeth’s sweet helper in this video. Here’s a rundown of the class:

  • This is Big - We start with a simple action song that is perfect for babies, though bigger kids will want to get in on the “action” too.  Great for vocabulary building as well as gross motor development.
  • Little April Shower - A sweet song that you just have to sing each April! Elizabeth teaches it with a “beat vs. rhythm” activity that is great for the preschool crowd. I love the sentiment “We’re getting wet and we don’t care at all!” - I need to remember that for my next rainy day!
  • The Swing - the text is a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson, and it is such a delightful melody that makes you feel like you’re swinging! We turn a beach towel into a “swing” and take some animal friends for a ride! Adapt for babies by finding ways to swing them in space.
  • Flight of the Bumblebee -- keep that beach towel out, grab some cotton balls and let these soft white “bumblebees” take flight with this classic piece of music! It’s a perfect chance to practice teamwork and cleanup skills.

Let’s honor the young children in our lives this week, and every week! They each truly have so many gifts to offer us, and to offer the world. What would we do without their creativity, curiosity, generosity, innocence and energy? Hope this mini class helps you connect with your special kiddo.

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