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“Steady Beat” - a drum song!

Jul 03, 2020

Today’s video gives you a peek into our July course. This simple tune gives your child the perfect opportunity to practice keeping a steady beat, and reinforcing musical concepts.

We’re also including written notes from the course that we provide to parents:

How to prepare: 

  • Grab a drum (anything that you are comfortable having your kiddo strike with a mallet or bang on with their hands! Plastic bins or pots and pans are good substitutes if you don’t have an actual drum)

How to extend/adapt: 

  • Explore different ways to play a steady beat with your child. On the drum or away from the drum.
  • Explore quarter notes, eighth notes, and half notes with different types of movements. Quarter notes could feel like marching, eighth notes like running, and half notes like a slow walk.

What your child is learning: 

  • Rhythmic values, steady beat and sense of rhythm, various musical concepts, gross motor skills.

If you enjoy watching this video with your child, leave us a comment and let us know!

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