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Spring is Here!

Mar 28, 2020

Grab your little one and settle in for a fun, spring-themed mini class with Clap for Classics! Here’s what you can expect:

  • First, a song you know (Itsy Bitsy Spider) taught by Adagio the Tortoise and Presto the Donkey -- these adorable puppet friends will be joining us in our new online a-home music courses!
  • Next a movement activity to go along with Vivaldi’s “Spring”.
  • A song to teach us about the parts of plants, with a cute visual -- sing this song as you explore the beautiful blooms bursting outside!
  • Finally, an instrument song all about spring rain and thunderstorms (Come Under My Umbrella), along with an idea for how to make your own simple “rainstick” (instructions below).

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How to make a rain stick:

  • Grab an empty paper towel or toilet paper tube
  • Cover one end with a circle of construction paper (cut it larger than the opening), then fold the paper over and tape down. Provide extra security with a rubber band
  • Fill the tube with small items -- rice, beans, pipe cleaners. Add some wads of paper, to create more of a “falling” rain effect.
  • Cover the other end with another circle of construction paper, and secure using tape and rubber band.
  • Decorate using markers or stickers, and make music!

Here’s another site with detailed instructions about how to make a few types of rain sticks, ranging from “kid quality” to “professional quality”:


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