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Sally Go Round the Sun

Apr 22, 2021

Sally Go Round the Sun

Sally go round the moon

Sally go round the chimney tops

Every afternoon - Boom!

This nursery rhyme/movement song is great fun. It’s easy to learn, and there’s lots of ways to sing it:

  • It seems that it’s often sung in elementary school classrooms with the kids walking in circles, switching directions on the word “boom!” 
  • We adapted it to fit our younger kiddos. The grownup in the room can have fun being “the sun” and holding some type of drum while the little one “orbits” around her, banging the drum on the word “boom”.
  • I sang this song with my toddler on the trampoline one day, and he had so much fun falling down on the word “boom”. (I really love this type of spontaneous music-play!)
  • Substitute your child’s name for “Sally” - kids love hearing their name in a song!
  • Change the last line from “Every afternoon” to “On Sunday afternoon”. Then practice the days of the week as you change to Monday, then Tuesday, etc. on each subsequent repetition.

Make sure to watch our video for a fun visit from our puppet friends Presto and Adagio, too!

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