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"I Like Pie"

Nov 23, 2022

Grab a shaker for this fun and silly song about pumpkin pie.  This song, written by Kathryn Lieppman is a Clap for Classics! original.

Listen to Episode 34 of our podcast to hear this catchy pie song and another song that's a Thanksgiving twist on a familiar favorite.

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Want to extend the learning a little?  Here are a few ideas: 

  • Insert your child’s favorite flavor of pie
  • Make up different places for the pie to be hiding. Get as silly as you can!
  • Sing the verses to this song slowly, and emphasize the “position words” (above, below, on, in, in front, behind) as you demonstrate them with your shaker. We do this with our shakers in the video, but it goes by fast -- some slow practice may help your younger child with the vocabulary as well as the motor skills.
  • Try this simple “position words” activity from Busy Toddler.
  • Read Bears in the Night (Berenstain Bears Series) for more practice with position words.

What your child is learning:

  • Position words
  • Fine and gross motor skills, using shakers

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