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Introducing: "Peter and the Wolf"

Jun 26, 2020

Who here loves Peter and the Wolf?! 

It’s one of the most famous pieces of classical music written for children, and we here at Clap for Classics! just adore it. This is why we’re SO excited to announce that our July and August online music courses are based around this great “symphonic fairy tale.”

Our course subscribers had a ton of fun the past 3 months learning about Carnival of the Animals. They enjoyed movement, listening, singing, instrument playing, and even did some musical yoga! Now we’re ready to dive into Peter and the Wolf!

In this piece of music, each character in the story is represented by an instrument. The bird is represented by the flute, the cat by the clarinet, Peter by the strings, etc. This is a fun and helpful way for kids to get familiar with instruments in the orchestra, by creating associations with beloved characters. One of the bonus features of our course is that we include videos of professional musicians playing and introducing their instruments to our young audience in age appropriate (but not watered-down) ways - so cool!

In the course, we also have fun getting to know each character in the story through supplemental songs and activities. Get ready to waddle like a duck, play a “pass the hat” game, and practice keeping a steady beat, all while having fun and being immersed in great music.

Today’s video introduces each of the characters in the Peter and the Wolf story, with their corresponding instrument, gives you a sneak peek to a bird song that will be in the July course, and includes a cute song about a bird from our May course, which uses ASL sign language.

On a personal note, I must also say that as I have listened to this piece over and over and over again, I have developed a deep appreciation for the way Prokofiev brilliantly weaves together the musical themes to tell a story through music. Listening to the cat (clarinet) hurriedly climb the tree, the bird (flute) peskily distracting the wolf (horn), and Peter (strings) lowering the lasso to catch the wolf’s tail -- these are just a few musical gems that I’ve enjoyed discovering, and I love helping to open young children’s ears to this great stuff. (And we think their parents will get a kick out of it, too!)

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