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Penguin Song

Feb 07, 2021

Waddle waddle here and there

Waddle waddle everywhere

And when I need to take a break 

from waddling to and fro

I get down on my tummy and say 

“Ready, Set, Go!”

This Clap for Classics original song is simple and fun for kids of all ages. Kids can start by waddling back and forth like penguins, and at the end lay on a blanket on their tummies, while a grownup (or older sibling) takes them for a little ride!

When we teach this, we can’t resist throwing in some music education moments -- we practice waddling presto (super fast!), adagio (slow), and andante -- which is typically thought of as a “walking tempo”, but we are calling it “waddling tempo” here.

Here are some of the reasons we like this song for kids from age 0-6:

  • Simple tune and repetitive words make it easy for even the youngest musicians to catch on, and start singing along.
  • Fun actions, and a “surprise” ending make them want to do it again and again!

The theme of our online course for subscribers this month is “A Winter Expedition with Vivaldi and Friends” -- it includes this video and so many others, including musical activities to have fun with all 3 movements of Vivaldi’s “Winter” from The Four Seasons. Get ready for lots of wintery, musical fun! Sign up here.


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