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Oats, Peas, Beans and Barley Grow

Oct 06, 2022

Let's learn about how food grows together with this fun song, "Oats, Peas, Beans and Barley."

This activity comes straight out of our “Fun on the Farm” course inside our All Access Membership.  For details on how to join us there go to

Do you have a little one who likes tractors?  We’ve got the perfect song for you, also from our “Fun on the Farm” course. It is so catchy and fun, I bet you’ll be singing the chorus everytime you see a tractor! Check out our tractor video at

How to make the most out of this activity: 

  • Grab rhythm sticks, clear some space and let's sing!
  • To listen to this activity on our podcast, check out Episode 29 here.  Or search for Clap for Classics! wherever you listen. 
  • Grab the free printable to accompany the activity, it's a PDF with lyrics, the extension ideas and suggested actions.

How to adapt/extend:

  • Don’t worry if your child doesn’t catch on right away to the actions in this song. They may want to watch for a while, and then gradually start incorporating the actions that they feel confident about.
  • Plan more activities or discussions around the farming process that the song outlines: sowing, watering, hoeing, harvesting. Expand upon this as you feel is appropriate. Talk about the farmers who grew the food you are eating during breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  • Chat more about some of the tougher vocabulary words in this song: sow, hoe, and harvest.
  • Plan some menu items one day around oats (oatmeal), peas and beans, and barley (here’s a barley recipe idea from

What your child is learning:

  • Steady beat
  • Gross motor skills, body awareness
  • Gesture imitation and use
  • Vocabulary development
  • Pretend and imaginative play
  • Awareness of farming and where food comes from

Music Credit:

  • Traditional British and American folk song


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