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Nutcracker Wrap-Up!

Dec 05, 2019

What a great week we’ve had, having fun with music from the Nutcracker. Thanks to everyone who has participated in the Clap for Classics! Nutcracker Challenge! Even if you didn’t follow along, we still want to share our Nutcracker excitement with you, and give you a glimpse into what we’ve been up to.

On Day 1 we marched and galloped along with the March movement. 

Day 2 had us acting out a flower story as we danced to the Waltz of the Flowers. 

Day 3 was a high energy dancing bear Russian Dance activity (Trepak). 

We hope you enjoy your Day 4 “treasure hunt” to the Arabian Dance today, and hold tight for a fun finale activity on Day 5!

We planned the challenge early in the month, so that you’ll have plenty of time to continue repeating and enjoying these activities throughout the holiday season! My 3-year-old daughter has been asking to repeat the “flower dance with the kitty cat” again and again! Which activity did your kiddo like the best?

For a final Nutcracker “celebration” (or even a quick introduction if you haven’t joined in on the challenge), jump on Facebook tomorrow at 1 pm Eastern Time. Elizabeth will be teaching a Live Mini Music Class for you and your kids, wrapping up the week with a turbo speed run-through of all 5 Nutcracker activities in less than 15 minutes!

P.S. The challenge is over, but we want you to still be able to access the materials if you missed it.  We created a PDF with all 6 activities in one place.  Grab it here!  

Then you can head over to the Facebook group and find the Nutcracker videos in the Nutcracker Unit for more inspiration.


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