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Legato the Swan

Jun 19, 2020

Today’s Musical Moment teaches about the musical concept of legato through 3 fun songs and activities.

First up -- one of our classic activities -- sing a familiar song smoothly (legato), and then sing it in a silly, bouncy style (staccato). We used London Bridge this time, but this works great with any song your child knows well.

Next -- a Clap for Classics! original, straight from our subscription course. We sing “Legato the Swan” with a scarf in hand, to help us feel and visualize that legato concept -- until the cute surprise ending.

Finally, we get out our ribbon wand (another favorite prop to use when teaching legato), and sing a delightful song about all the bodies of water we enjoy during summertime! (To the tune of “I Love the Mountains”, which you may already be familiar with)

Happy Music-Making!


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