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Online Music Curriculum for Preschoolers: Maximizing Learning Opportunities

Jan 18, 2023
two kids and a mom playing together while watching an online music course

As parents, we want to provide our children with the best opportunities for learning and growth. For many parents, this means enrolling their child in a traditional in-person music program. However, with the increasing popularity of online education, many parents are now considering the benefits of an online music curriculum for their toddler, preschooler, and even early elementary student.


One concern that some parents may have is that an online program may not provide as many learning opportunities as an in-person program. In this blog post, we will explore how an online music curriculum can actually provide a variety of learning opportunities for young children, and how you can maximize these opportunities to benefit your child.



The Advantages of Online Music Curriculum



An online music curriculum offers a number of advantages over traditional in-person programs. One of the biggest advantages is flexibility in scheduling and location. With an online program, your child can learn at a time and place that works best for your family. This is especially beneficial for parents who have busy schedules or for families who live in rural areas with limited access to music programs.


Clap for Classics parents use our program in a variety of ways.  Some have older children they are homeschooling and are looking for something educational for their younger ones.  They have confidence that with Clap for Classics, their young children are in good hands and will be learning but also playing and having fun.  In fact we've had many reports, of older children sneaking in and enjoying our activities right along with the younger children.


Music appreciation is something my husband and I value, but with four children, it's hard to fit it in. This has been a wonderful solution for our family. It's something I don't have to prep at all for, and I can even sit my two younger kids down while I get homeschool done with my oldest.

My kids ask for it almost every day, and even my 7 year old enjoys it. 

Today my five year old told me all about the moon and its light. When I asked where he learned that, I was surprised to hear his answer: "Oh, I learned it on Clap for Classics." They are getting much more out of this than I even initially realized!


Other parents are concerned that their children won't do well in an in-person class, don't want to pay the high cost, or just need the flexibility of being able to have music education on their own schedule.  A virtual program is a great alternative!


Another advantage of an online music curriculum is the variety of resources and materials that are available. Many online programs offer a wide range of interactive activities, games, and videos that can engage your child and make learning fun.


Additionally, online programs often provide access to a variety of music and instrument examples, which can help to expand your child's musical horizons.  For example, inside our All Access Membership we have a growing library of professional musicians who share their instruments with our audience.  If you were to come to our studio for in-person music class you would hear an instructor play the ukulele, and maybe the piano.  But in our online program kids will be exposed to professional brass, woodwind, string, and percussion players!


An online music curriculum also offers personalized learning experiences, allowing children to learn at their own pace and level.  Kids love and thrive on repetition.  Listening to the same piece of music, or the same song over and over again is so beneficial for kids.  With an online program, kids can mark their favorites to return back to often.  With each re-listening they are making more and more connections and learning is enhanced.


In addition to our musical play courses and membership we have a Four Seasons: Music and More Curriculum that includes music, art, poetry and STEM.  The idea to collaborate with other educators on this project came about because we saw what a wonderful springboard music is for other learning.  We saw the potential our program had to really enrich an early childhood education with music as the spark. 


This is what one Clap for Classics parent says:

Part of what I have loved so much about the Clap for Classics program is how you use music as a springboard for all learning. We have loved traveling around the world with you (including outer space!).


Sierra adorns Miss Krisanne, Miss Sadie, and Dr. Rojas. (Some of the other Clap for Classics educators) 

She has learned about and made art inspired by Monet, Yayoi Kusama, Andy Goldsworthy, and Peter Bruegel. She initiates making musical instruments, and she has done countless STEM labs.


The Importance of Music Education for Preschoolers



We’ve discussed this before, but music education is not just fun and enjoyable, it also has a number of benefits for preschoolers' development. Music education can positively impact cognitive development, including memory, creativity, and problem-solving skills. It also helps in social and emotional development by providing a positive outlet for emotions, developing self-esteem, and fostering teamwork and cooperation.



In addition, music education can also have an impact on language development. Singing and rhythm activities can help children to develop phonological awareness, which is the ability to hear and manipulate the sounds in words. This is an important skill for learning to read and write.



How to Maximize Learning Opportunities with an Online Music Curriculum



While an online music curriculum can provide a wealth of learning opportunities for your child, it is important to take an active role in maximizing these opportunities. Here are a few tips to help you create a positive learning environment and engage your child in the learning process:

  • Create a dedicated learning space: Designate a specific area in your home where your child can focus on their music lessons. Make sure this area is free from distractions and that your child has access to all the materials they need.  Ideally the videos can be set up on a TV and/or with a good speaker.

  • Engage your child in the learning process: 

    • Ask your child what they want to learn and build on their interests. For example if you have an animal lover, you might start with the “Carnival of the Animals” or “Fun on the Farm” unit.  If your little one is interested in space, you will want to incorporate our “Blast-Off” unit into your day for a sure win!
    • Participate in the videos with your child as much as possible. You and your child both will get so much more out of the instruction when it is viewed together.  You will be able to reinforce the ideas later-on, gauge their interest level, and be inspired as to what other activities you can introduce that will keep the learning and fun going.
  • Build on skills and interests: As your child progresses in their music education, be sure to offer new challenges and opportunities that build on their skills and interests. This will keep them engaged and motivated to learn.  We include plenty of extension activity ideas for ways to enhance the learning beyond our videos.

  • Manage screen time: While an online music curriculum can provide a wealth of resources, it is important to set boundaries and expectations on screen time to ensure the healthiest use of screen time.  We go in-depth into this topic in a previous blog post.  But considering time recommendations, co-viewing, and high-quality programming are among the things you should consider when thinking about screen time for your little ones.



An online music curriculum can provide a wealth of learning opportunities for your toddler, preschooler, or early elementary child. As a busy parent, being able to learn on your own unique schedule as well as at the pace that is best for your child is reason enough to give it a try.  Being able to pause the video to answer questions, or seek out other learning that was sparked by something that is taught is invaluable in your child’s home education.  The personalized education aspect of an online curriculum is valuable and unique. 

Let your child’s imagination, interests, and personality take the lead in an online music education curriculum.



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Each day, receive a video and instructions for a favorite activity from our membership. 

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