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Meet the Instruments from "Peter and the Wolf"

May 19, 2022

We've got a special treat for you:  a video straight from our Peter and the Wolf: Meet the Characters online course that is found inside our All Access Membership.  

As you may know, each character in Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf is represented by a different instrument from the orchestra. If you listen to a recording, you’ll hear the narrator introduce each character and the corresponding instrument at the beginning of the piece. Here, we take these introductions to the next level -- we include videos of professional musicians playing each character clip, we provide a bit of simple commentary about the music to help your child really engage with it, and we allow each clip to be played twice for even deeper processing of the material.

This is just one of many videos included in the robust Peter and the Wolf course. We also include an original song and activity about each of the characters in the story, two guessing game videos where kids can test their knowledge of the instruments and characters, and some amazing “Meet the Instrument” videos of professional musicians introducing these instruments to your child! Don’t forget the extension activities and the printables!

To listen to this activity and several others, check out Episode 19 of our podcast.

Episode 3 of our podcast also features some content from our Peter and the Wolf course.

Inside our online course for kids we dive deep into Peter and the Wolf, immersing ourselves in the story and listening closely to Prokofiev’s delightful musical illustrations.

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