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I want to do music at home, but...

Jan 24, 2020

My child does not sit down - ever!

My child can’t do an activity for longer than 45 seconds!

My child destroys everything in her path!

Who has an especially “energetic” toddler? Does the idea of sitting down for structured “music time” at home seem impossible to you? Maybe you’ve taken her to a music class before and she just ran around the room, seeming to ignore the teacher?

Here are some tips to make at-home-music work for you!

  • Make sure your child is well fed and well rested when you attempt to do musical activities together (especially when introducing something new). We all know a hungry, tired toddler is a force to be reckoned with!
  • Try it at different times throughout the day. Unlike a music class you go to with your child, you don’t have to have a 45-minute block of time set aside for music. You can do a song here, an activity there. Incorporate them into your daily routines, and you may eventually find that certain times of day work best for music time with your child. (Right after nap? Right after snack time?)
  • Do some of the simpler activities during meal time or bath time. Try a breakfast fingerplay, or classical listening during lunch -- times when they are generally happy and are also contained and cannot escape!
  • If you’re using recordings or videos, let your child help press “play” or choose and turn on a song they like.
  • Repetition. Kids love and need repetition. Most likely they’ll be asking for their favorite songs again and again, but even if they’re not asking -- Just. Keep. Singing! Eventually a song will be familiar enough that they’re ready to start joining in with the actions or singing along. Keep playing those classical recordings over and over again too. 
  • Many energetic children need something to hold, something to make noise with. Enter...Instruments! Some simple instruments (can be homemade, or created using found objects) can really make the music into something tangible, and can keep their little bodies engaged while their brain absorbs the music. (We’ll do a future blog post with more details about this topic)
  • Let their imagination lead. If instruments turn into pretend play objects, that’s ok! If a song inspires them to become a horsey or a kitty cat, so be it!
  • For those of you who are trying to create a more formal “music time” on a regular basis, we have suggestions for that too -- stick with us and look for another future blog post on this topic!

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