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Bunnies, egg shakers, and a fun classical music activity.

Apr 09, 2020

We’ve got a few “treats” for you, whether or not you are celebrating Easter this week! Watch this mini-class video with your little one, and repeat the activities throughout the week (these are all easy to remember).

  • Bunny Hokey Pokey -- sometimes it’s just good to get those little bodies moving, and sing something familiar with a cute twist. 
  • Sleeping Bunnies -- this has been one of my daughter’s favorites for a long time! What is it about pretending to go to sleep and then wake up that is so fun for little ones? Join in with your kiddos for a great workout! (Just add a plank for the “sleeping” part -- haha!)
  • Shake your Shaker -- We had to include a “colorful egg” song during Easter week -- this one uses another familiar tune (London Bridge) with simple actions that you can remember easily, or come up with on your own.
  • Classical Music activity suggestion -- Pick a fun “springy” classical piece from our Spring-themed playlist, hide some plastic eggs, and play the music while your kiddo finds them. Do the hunt again and again, letting your child hide the eggs sometimes too, and your child will develop a positive, fun association with the piece of music you choose!
    • Extension idea (literacy): Turn this into an educational activity by filling the eggs with slips of paper with letters or numbers written on them. Have your child put them in order, to spell their name, etc.
    • Extension idea (listening): Have your child fill the eggs with various small items they find around the house (think pom poms, small toys, coins, rice, etc) and then see what types of different sounds they create when you shake them. Choose your favorites, secure them with some duct tape, electrical tape, or washi tape), and use them to sing “shake your shaker” or make up your own shaker song and dance.

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