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Feb 06, 2020

We want to share a couple of bird-themed songs/activities with you this week, to supplement our brand new "Flight" themed at-home mini music course. This song and classical listening activity will make a great at-home music morning for you and your little one.

First, Three Little Birds - by Bob Marley. This song might not be our typical jam, but we love it! It’s a fun, upbeat song to enjoy singing together. Isn't it great when you find a song that you love listening to, or singing, as much as your little one.  I also love the versatility of this song.  It can be sung as an upbeat tune, or slowly and softly for a sweet lullaby.  This one has a great message for all of us.  A friend of mine recently mentioned that she has been searching for ways to help her toddler with some anxiety.  Three Little Birds is a great one to introduce to help your child relax and let go of some worries.  (And don't we all need that from time to time!!) 

For a fun little accompaniment to this song and bird activity, Charlotte is playing in a little homemade nest with some stuffed toy birds and egg shakers.  

We've got a spotify playlist for this little bird lesson. I've included the Respighi Bird Suite that is explained below, and also two versions of Three Little Birds.  The first version is the original Bob Marley version, and the second is by a favorite children's singer, Elizabeth Mitchell.  If you're not familiar with her music yet, be sure to check her out.  She writes fantastic music for kids that parents love listening to as well. 

The Birds by Italian composer Ottorino Respighi, is a delightful little piece of classical music for you to enjoy with your child, all about birds!

In this suite, the composer is depicting all sorts of bird sounds -- from bird calls to fluttering to scratching. Each movement after the Prelude is about a particular bird:

  1. "Prelude"
  2. "La colomba" ("The dove")
  3. "La gallina" ("The hen")
  4. "L'usignuolo" ("The nightingale")
  5. "Il cucù" ("The cuckoo")

Prelude -- A stately introduction to all the birds. Good for turning on, while you look at pictures of the different birds in the suite. You may also want to look at pictures of an oboe and a flute, both featured instruments in the suite.

The Dove is slow and gentle, featuring the oboe. About 2 minutes in, listen for some “fluttering sounds” as the oboe takes a break and other instruments are featured.

The Hen - Insistent steady beat “pecking” sounds. Get your chicken strut on!

The Nightingale - Beautiful flute melody. Great for soaring around the house.

The Cuckoo - Listen for the “cuckoo” call throughout. This is a fun movement for making up a story about a cuckoo bird! Contrasting sections in the music suggest a variety of escapades. What is your cuckoo bird up to?

This song and activity is a great supplement to our “Flight” themed Mini Music Course. If you haven’t checked that out yet, click here to take a peek! 


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