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Unlocking the Symphony of Possibilities: Affordable Music Education for Young Minds

Aug 10, 2023

Music has an enchanting ability to captivate young minds, fostering creativity, cognitive development, and emotional expression. Classical music in particular has shown to have long-term benefits when introduced to children at a young age.

As parents, we're always seeking the best opportunities to nurture our children's growth, but sometimes, budget constraints can cast a shadow over these aspirations.

We’d love to explore how our interactive music classes provide exceptional value, making high-quality musical education accessible to all families.


The Power of Playful Learning


At Clap for Classics!, we believe in learning through play. We understand that young children engage best when they're having fun, and what could be more fun than singing, dancing, and exploring the world of music?

Our classes are designed to be interactive and engaging, allowing your little one to learn and develop skills naturally while enjoying the process. 

We teach musical concepts in a way that feels less like learning and more like fun!

By immersing themselves in our captivating classical, folk, and original songs, children absorb melodies, rhythms, and even early language skills, all while delighting in play. We want to help you incorporate more musical moments into your child’s day! 


Affordability Meets Quality


We recognize that finances can be a concern for parents when seeking enriching activities for their children. Traditional in-person music classes can be quite expensive, often reaching upwards of $85 per month for an hour or less of instruction per week.

Our online music membership, on the other hand, offers an unbeatable value. For just $27 per month or $270 for the entire year (that’s 2 months free!), you gain access to an extensive library of high-quality, professionally curated interactive music classes.

This means you can provide your child with an enriching musical experience without straining your budget.

For families who have more than one child, the cost of in-person music classes goes up exponentially with each child, often making music education out of budget.

The beauty of the Clap for Classics! All Access Membership is that it can be used for multiple children, at any time of the day or night. You have unlimited access to our extensive content library and your child’s favorite songs and activities can be enjoyed again and again, without any extra cost.


Flexible Learning on Your Terms


Another advantage of our online music membership is the flexibility it provides. In-person classes often come with rigid schedules and may require additional transportation costs.

With our online platform, you have the freedom to choose when and where your child engages with music. Whether it's a cozy afternoon at home or a playful session during a family vacation, the convenience of online classes ensures that your child's musical journey fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

We have found that parents join our program for their littlest child(ren), only to find out that their older, elementary aged children love the program too! We strive to provide a fun-filled experience that the whole family can enjoy. 

Investing in Your Child's Future


Consider the Clap for Classics! Membership as an investment in your little one’s future. The benefits of early musical exposure are well-documented, including enhanced cognitive development, improved memory, and increased spatial-temporal skills.

By joining our community, you're giving your child the gift of music, setting the stage for a lifelong appreciation of classical music! At Clap for Classics!, we use a variety of teaching methods and tools to engage your child, so that our little listeners are engaged with movement, listening activities, interactive games and more! 




In the realm of children's education, affordability should never be a barrier to providing your child with enriching experiences. Our online music membership for kids ages 0-6 is a gateway to a world of playful learning, where classical, folk, and original songs become the backdrop for your child's growth and development.

With prices starting at just $27 per month, we offer a budget-friendly alternative to traditional in-person classes, making it possible for every family to embark on a musical adventure together.

Embrace the joy of music, nurture your child's potential, and discover the magic of learning through play with our online music membership. Join us today and unlock the symphony of possibilities for your little maestro.




Don't take our word for it, here is what other parents say about Clap for Classics!:


I had my kids in mommy-and-me Let’s Play Music Sound Beginnings classes the previous year and just couldn’t swing it after my 4th child was born. I knew I wanted music education to be part of their lives but didn’t know how I could do it with so many littles and no reliable babysitters.
When I saw the Nutcracker Challenge I was intrigued. When I saw the Flight course offering I was even more interested because it looked fun AND affordable. So then when I found out I could commit for a year and get an even better price than I’d previously paid for just ONE child’s yearly tuition I was convinced. 
–Kat Tilby 
I am extremely tired of planning. This is the only thing I can attend without a list. I just get to bask in someone else's planning, and everything you've planned communicates love for the music and for the littleness of kids. And that is just magnificent.
–Adrienne Hickey

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