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2 Little Blackbirds Fingerplay

Feb 01, 2020

I can remember both my babies just being entranced as my fingers climbed up the imaginary waterspout, and then rained down again, to “wash the spider out”.  How fun it was to see their progress from watching me to trying the actions themselves and ultimately singing along with the “Itsy bitsy spider”! What is it about a fingerplay that engages kids so beautifully, from young babies through preschool age (and beyond!)? 

Parents have been entertaining their young children with fingerplays for centuries, and for good reason. When kids do a fingerplay, they are engaging multiple senses to learn -- auditory, visual, and tactile. They also end up using their imagination, developing vocabulary and language skills and improving their fine motor skills. Not to mention, it’s just fun! I could go on…

There are so many fingerplays that are beloved by parents and early childhood educators. Many of them are spoken rather than sung. Today we’d like to share with you a lesser known fingerplay that is tons of fun. It’s an old nursery rhyme that we’ve added our own tune to, called “2 Little Blackbirds”.

Check out our video example above!

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